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December is the second month (first being June) that has three official birthstones.
December’s birthstones are usually depicted as blue, and indeed all three stones
come in blue, although other shades are available for some of these stones.:

Tanzanite – Tanzanite is one of the most recently-discovered gemstones. It was discovered
in Tanzania in the late 1960s. It is only found in this small region of the world. Tanzanite
may be blue or purple, but stones that are medium-dark in tone with a rich, vivid saturation
and violet blue shade are the most highly prized and expensive of these gemstones.

Zircon – Zircon actually comes in a variety of colors and in fact it’s name derives
from the Arabic words “zar” and “gun,” which mean “gold color.” In addition to gold
it is also found in yellow, orange, brown, green, red, colorless, and of course blue.
The blue variety is typically associated with December; although the red variety
is considered the most prized and typically the most expensive.

Turquoise – In sharp contrast to the much more modernly tanzanite, turquoise is one
of the oldest known gemstones. Its name comes from the thirteenth century French
meaning “Turkish stone.” Although the gemstone itself was known before that. Its color
may by the signature greenish blue which has come to refer to that color even
separate from the stone, through to a sky blue.Its transparency may range from translucent
to opaque.

Blue Topaz –In addition to these three official, accepted birthstones for December,
many modern lists also include Blue Topaz as an alternative. That means that
depending on the source December may be listed with up to four birthstones!


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