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Eternal Floral Essence.

Beauty of a flower doesn’t only lie in how elegant,delicate and
beautiful it looks, but also in the fact that it can bloom and
blossom anywhere!

From the cracks of a sidewalk to through the walls of a long-
forgotten fort.

A flower can make its way in the wilderness between all other
weeds and at the same time each flower can make its own
place in field of thousands of other flowers.

For centuries flowers have been used to depict our various
moods and sentiments.

From Orchids for strength to Daisy for cheerfulness

From White Rose for innocence to Iris for valor

From Purple tulip for hopeless love to Acorn for Immortality.

We present to you Lazari Jewel’s Eternal Floral Essence.

Representing your innocence, your cheerfulness, your love, your wisdom,
your strength and your valor! Representing you!


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