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People born in June are veryfortunate to have three official options as their birthstone

Pearl – It is often considered to be June’s primary birthstone and is ever classic and
appealing. Pearls are in fact unique among gemstones because unlike all other
gemstones they are actually formed from living creatures: clams. Pearls are prized
for their use in all sorts of jewelry, but are famously associated with the beautiful and
elegant pearl necklace.

Alexandrite – The second option, Alexandrite is a relatively recently-discovered
gemstone. It was first discovered in Russia in 1831. It takes its name from Czar
Alexander II who was in power at the time of its discovery. One likely reason why
Alexandrite was such a late addition to the gemstone roster is that it is extremely
rare. Alexandrite also displays fascinating color properties. In daylight and
fluorescent light this gemstone appears green, while in incandescent light it has
a purplish red color. Due to its rarity it is frequently sold in its synthetic, man-made

Moonstone – Moonstones were named by the Roman historian Pliny who contended that
the stone changed in appearance with the phases of the moon. While this is not precisely
correct, like,they create an optical phenomena called adularescence which is a scattering
of light that typically displays as either a multi-rayed star or a cat’s eye. This occurs
because moonstones are formed from two varieties of feldspar that each react slightly
differently to light. Moonstones come in a variety ofcolors including blue, green, peach,
and champagne. They are said to possess special properties which grant the wearer good
fortune and they are considered a sacred stone in India. Moonstones can be sourced in
India, Myanmar, Australia, Madagascar, and the United States.


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