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March features more than one official birthstone, it includes both its
older, traditional birthstone of bloodstone as well as aquamarine
which is now often considered the more popular or primary birthstone.

Aquamarine – Aquamarine is Latin for “water of the sea” is a bluish
green or greenish blue variety of beryl. It is considered a tranquil
gemstone which imbues the wearer with calmness and a level head. In
earlier times it was thought to protect sailors and guarantee a safe voyage.

Bloodstone – Bloodstone is a dark-green jasper which has flecks of
blood-red spots on it. These blood-red spots are in fact deposits of iron
oxide and the mineral type is heliotrope. Both the names “bloodstone”
and “heliotrope” are commonly used for this stone. Bloodstone is also
occasionally known as “martyr’s stone” which is due to the legend that
bloodstone was created by drops of Christ’s blood staining jasper at
the foot of the cross. In ancient times bloodstone was believed to have
curative powers, especially for blood-related disorders.


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