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November has two varying birthstones. :

Topaz – Topaz gemstones are available in an array of different colors though
yellow is the color most commonly associated with the stone. In ancient times
people referred to all yellow gems as “topaz,” even the yellow citrine quartz.
However, quartz and topaz are unrelated minerals. One of the most valuable
colors of topaz is Imperial Topaz, which was named during the reign of the
Russian Czars in the 1800s. It is a rich orange with pink hues. Blue topaz is also
an enduring favorite.

Citrine – Citrine ranges in color from a pastel yellow through a golden orange
and into dark, brownish orange. It is a type of quartz and is often referred to as
“the healing quartz” for the belief that it helps support health, hope, energy, and
warmth in the wearer. It is found plentifully in nature and as such it is one of the
least expensive gemstones.


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