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  1. All product (s) will be treated as one item each, No set (s) will be considered as one item.
  2. Products will have to be left with GMII, till the time of completion of testing process and certificate delivery.
  3. Although all products are handled with utmost care and are kept in high security vaults, GMII does not take any responsibility of any theft or damage in the process of testing and certification.
  4. Customer’s satisfaction is our main goal, hence we do not give a specific time frame for the testing of any stone / jewelry.
  5. Each product could take different time frame for the completion of the process.
  6. Time frame for each product will be provided on site after first inspection and detailing.
  7. For the confidentiality purpose, certificates will be delivered to the requestor only, until a co – signee is assigned at the time of certificate request.

Terms and Conditions:

Requestor of appraisal certificate understands and takes full liability of the information provided.It is the responsibility ofthe requestor to provide with accurate information of the product.The requestor of the appraisal certificate claims ownership of the product sent for being appraised.Gems & Minerals International Incorporation, D.B.A. Lazari Jewels, here by addressed as GMII, takes no responsibility of the information provided.GMII makes no claims of ownership of the product being appraised, unless otherwise stated on the appraisal certificate.Information provided by the requestor of the e – appraisal certificate and the pictures provided by the requestor are the basis of making a fair judgement and appraising the product, in case of e – certificate only.The e – appraisal certificate is for the purpose of documentation only. By making / providing these certificates, GMII is not making any offer for purchase, nor takes responsibility of sale on the appraised value.Value and comments provided on the e – appraisal certificate are from an eye of expert and as of their expert opinion, years of experience in this field and to their best knowledge.All e – appraisal certificate requests are subjected to approval from appropriate GMII staff.E – Appraisal certificates will only be provided after judgement of information and pictures.GMII reserves the right to cancel the e – appraisal process in middle, if any suspicion or wrong doing is sensed / reported to the company, with regards to the product.In the event of ownership dispute of the product, GMII will have no role to play and the parties involved will have to settle on their own.If ownership dispute is been reported in mid process of appraisal to GMII, GMII is entitled to revoke the process.Time taken to complete each order will vary from order to order. Requestor of the certificate will be informed about an approximate time frame needed to complete the order.Express order will be available on request. These request could be subjected to additional cost.

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